What is ArabiCare?

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The ArabiCare website provides useful information to support increased understanding and effective engagement with diverse people of Arabic speaking backgrounds. You will be able to find information on various subject areas relevant to community members of Arabic speaking backgrounds in Australia, including their history, language, customs and traditions, diverse religions, diverse ethnicities, migration and community profiles.

While the website has a primary focus on service providers, it also offers useful information to all community members who are interested in understanding Arabic culture and the values and beliefs which are important to Arab Australians and the diverse ethnic groups who have migrated from the Arab world.

For Service Providers

This website seeks to offer service providers detailed information on a wide range of subjects relevant to clients of diverse Arabic speaking backgrounds, with a view to strengthening your capacity to be culturally competent and consequently, offer clients enhanced quality of service.

Taking the time to learn a little about your clients' backgrounds and their experience of migration; understanding their families' values; learning a few words of Arabic or how to make Arabic coffee; being aware of religious occasions; knowing how to plan culturally meaningful activities or facilitate culturally appropriate professional interventions can all help to build trust. This approach to service provision will send a strong message to your clients that they and their cultural backgrounds are valued.

In addition to information on history, migration, religion, culture and language, you will find information on how to work effectively with youth, women, men, families and elders in our Arabic Clients section. 

You will also find our Directory particularly useful with listings of Arabic speaking doctors, allied health professionals, community organisations, places of worship, Arabic language media and a variety of helpful services.

We encourage you to explore all areas of the website.  Further reading and materials are provided on some web pages and our Resources section contains a variety of publications and media, and links to external sites.

About Arabic Welfare

Arabic Welfare Incorporated

This website has been developed by Arabic Welfare Incorporated through its own funding and as a result of the organisation’s commitment to supporting service providers in their understanding and support of diverse people of Arabic speaking backgrounds.

Arabic Welfare is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation providing services to Arabic speaking clients in Victoria, Australia. It was established in 1984 and receives federal, state and local government funding for its programs and services. Arabic Welfare has broad support from diverse community groups of Arabic speaking backgrounds in Melbourne and Victoria.

As a non-sectarian, non-political migrant welfare organisation, Arabic Welfare’s mission is to work with service providers to ensure that migrants and refugees from Arabic speaking backgrounds are included in Australian society. The development of this website is an extension of Arabic Welfare’s commitment to inclusive service provision.

Feedback / Suggestions

Has this website been helpful? Have you found the information you need?

Arabic Welfare invites you to complete our 5-minute ArabiCare Website Questionnaire. Your opinions and ideas for improvement will help us to continue to review, modify and add information that would be of value to you and/or your clients of diverse Arabic speaking backgrounds within Australia.