Arabic Clients

Arabic family

This section of the website is primarily relevant to service providers and offers some useful guides and helpful hints which can assist you when engaging Arabic speaking clients.

As a service provider, you will provide effective and useful services with increased background knowledge of the clients’ language, history, religion, ethnicity, migration and settlement history, and their involvement in their community groups and networks. By strengthening your cultural knowledge of the diverse groups of people of Arabic speaking backgrounds you will have a stronger understanding of the cultural factors which may be important in your clients' lives and in the ways you and your clients will work together.  Your work with clients of Arabic speaking background will be further strengthened through opportunities for cultural competence training.

It is important to remember that the various cultural factors that shape the lives of clients, do so in varying degrees. For example, one client may be a devout Maronite Catholic and another client may be of Muslim background but their religion may have little influence in their day to day life, or vice versa.

Our Directory will help you locate the most relevant Arabic speaking practitioner in your nearest geographical location or an Arabic speaking community group or organisation to suit your client’s needs.