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Note: m = masculine, f=feminine

Language Audio Pack: Greetings

All Arabic Language Audio: Greetings mp3 in a compressed zip file

Do you speak English? - Halta takallam alingliziya?
Fine (answer to How are you?) - Kowayyes (m)
Fine (answer to How are you?) - Kowayyesah (f)
Hello - Marhaban*

* the formal final letter is usually dropped and it is pronounced “marhaba”

I don't speak Arabic - Ana ma ba'aref ahkee Arabee
I speak Arabic a little - Baa'ref Arabee Showayya
My name is ... - Ismi ...
Thanks God (answer to How are you?) - Al-Hamdolillah
What is your name? - Sho Ismak? (m)
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